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She laughed out loud with her friends as she had her photo taken with her friends.

The gown-shows lasted all day so when the winner of the Honeymoon for a Year was announced she could hardly contain herself.

She won this Honeymoon for a Year. Had a wedding that was tweeted as "The Best Wedding Ever" and lived happily ever after.

She spent the day meeting wonderful people who would help her plan the perfect wedding, she learned how to dance and even created her own wedding Hashtag. She won prizes, tasted scrumptious cake and enjoyed hors d'ouvres  from dozens of  caterers and bakers.

The dwarfs just created this page- please be patient, within a few days we will have so many amenities and activities it will make your head spin!

We've planned and gathered, now we have to prepare the text for you!!!

a beautiful bride-to-be attended an enchanted festival where she was treated like a princess. She was enchanted (truly cherished and pampered) all day. Her day started with a yummy mimosa while signing up for the activities that interested her most. There were so many choices and she only had 5 hours to do it all. Up-do lessons, original hashtag class, painting, a massage, a carriage ride, ballroom dancing, an etiquette workshop, a bow-tying class, even as a model on the stage... How could she choose?
There were hundreds of vendors and spectators. The music was delightful and the scents were  intoxicating.